The ultimate goal of hospitality is to provide a positive experience for customers, whether it’s eating great food, resting in a lavish spa, or getting a full night’s sleep away from home. Anyone in the hospitality and tourism management industry understands how important it is to ensure that each guest is well cared for.

Since opening its first vocational education and training center in 2019, Bhutan International School of Hospitality and Tourism (BISHT) has been a pioneer in hospitality education in Bhutan. BISHT is the country’s first and best hospitality and tourism institute, located in the heart of Thimphu, the country’s capital.

Today, we’ll look at BISHT’s tourism and hospitality programs in Bhutan, which have distinguished themselves by attracting and training the best talent among youths interested in hotel management education.

MasterChef Training In Bhutan

The culinary program includes kitchen knowledge, food knowledge, practical for multi-cuisine, food cost, hygiene, menu planning, and customer care. By the end of your culinary program, you will have a deeper understanding and knowledge to work efficiently in a fully industrialized kitchen following the standard of first-class culinary operations.

In this program, you’ll learn everything from running a kitchen to which tools industry professionals use. Culinary graduates from this program can successfully work independently in the kitchen and be well-equipped to enter the competitive culinary industry. 

All of the programs are divided into three levels: Foundation, Intermediate, and Advanced, with each level having its own set of goals.

  • In the foundation course, you will acquire the basic skills needed to operate in a professional kitchen. During the three-month internship, the skills will be reinforced and applied. 
  • After acquiring the basics during the foundation course, you will be exposed to various cuisine and kitchen operations for another three months at the intermediate level.
  • Following one year of culinary studies, you will focus on advanced culinary and kitchen management skills at the advanced level. The skills learned from the foundation course, intermediate and advanced level, will be reinforced and appalled during a 3-month internship experience to complete the program. 

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