1. Fill up the Online Application Form prescribed in Annexure I
  2. You may submit hard copy to the office or email your application to director@boea.bt

  1. Type your CV as per our Sample CV format (2 pages max)
  2. Attach your Passport scan copy
  3. Attach full size photo with white background in semi formal western attire
  4. Attach Covid Vaccination Certificate (Mandatory)
  5. Attach Mark sheet of Class X pass or higher
  6. If experienced must attach letter of experience
  7. If skilled attach certificate of training
  8. You may submit hard copy to the office or email your application to cvprofiling@boea.bt

  1. Agent will then start matching your CV with available job vacancies announced as per approved Demand Letter from MOLHR
  2. After finding the right match agent will brief you with following:
    • Name of company or a hotel,
    • Country of placement
    • Salary Package
    • Job responsibilities
    • Info on accommodation and meals + other benefits
    • Expected work hours
  3. Agent will then reconfirm with candidates the interview for a specific job position available.
  4. Candidate must submit original passport (Hard Copy) at this stage to sit for interview. Passport will remain with agency till deployment.
  5. Interviews are conducted to check basic competency, language, skills, age and personality.
    • Live – Company representative will be here in Thimphu to interview candidates at BISHT office / venue of their choice
    • Online interview for candidates also at BISHT over video call

  1. Some job offers may require you to have skills training if you don’t have any experience.
  2. You can choose to train under our own institute (WISE), which is a licensed training centre of VET by EHL from the worlds best hotel management school (Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne in Switzerland)
  3. Those that do the VET by EHL courses with us will have the advantage of free placement support in-country or overseas.

For more information on training visit www.bwise.bt

  1. If selected, employer will process job offer letter for selected candidates
  2. On receiving job offer from company, candidates to send signed job offer to us within 1 week.
  3. Pay first installment of agent fee ( 50% of agent fee )
  4. Agent Fee will be charged equivalent to or not more than one-month salary.
  5. Selected candidates to sign undertaking letter with agency along with his/her parents or legal guardian.

1. Medical Certificate

  • Follow SOP in Annexure II to get your medical certificate

2. Police Clearance

3. Document Notarization

  • Follow SOP in Annexure IV to get your document notarized

Agency will carry out notarization of all your documents from court.

  • We need authorization letter from candidate to go to court
  • Court notarization Fees: Nu 100 to be paid by candidate
  • Incase candidate does not submit the required documents on time, candidate will have to carry out the process of notarization themselves

4. Visa processing will begin after receiving the following:

  • Signed Agency Undertaking Letter
  • Original Medical Certificate, Police Clearance and Notarized Documents

Agency will then send the scan copy documents to employer for visa processing.

Await Visa from Employer (Waiting time based on the individual countries rules and Regulation)..

Candidate will be informed by agent as soon as soft copy visa is received.

Sample Visa(Kuwait) in Annexure V and Sample E-Visa in Annexure VI  

On receiving of the Visa hard copy, candidates need to:

  1. Pay balance agent fee
  2. Visa stamping

For Kuwait – Pay Nu 6000/-(Stamping fees)

For Other Countries ( Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Oman ) – No stamping required as these countries don’t have embassy in Bhutan

1. Ticket Confirmation

  • Agency will inform Foreign Principal to issue ticket for deployment.

2 .Travel Insurance

Agency will process for your travel insurance.

  • Fees to paid by candidate:  Nu 1372 Approx. ( Subject to change based on RICBL )

  1. Agency will get clearance to travel from MOLHR/Covid Task Force if necessary
  2. Agency will coordinate appointment with MOLHR for predeparture briefing
  3. All candidates to sign and submit MOLHR undertaking form (Sample attached )
  4. Agent travel briefing and handing taking of original documents for travel
  5. Candidate to complete Covid Test Protocol as per destination country ( sample Covid result certificate in Annexure VII )-72hours prior to their departure
  6. Agency will inform you on Date & Time for RTPCR Test both in Bhutan & Transiting Country
    • Cost: Nu 3000 approx. to be paid by candidate directly
  7. RTPCR test from Transiting Country (India/Nepal)
    • Cost: Nu INR945 Approx. paid by candidate to Agency
  8. After getting RTPCR test result candidates need to complete self-declaration as per Airport Regulation of Transiting Country

Air Suvidha(Indian Airport) – All international arriving passengers must upload RT-PCR negative certificate while filling the Self-Declaration Form. (click on the link https://www.newdelhiairport.in/airsuvidha/apho-registration)

1. Candidates leave for destination country

2. Complete Landing Countries formalities on arrival of destination country

For Kuwait -Kuwait Mobile ID and Shlonik App

For Qatar – Etheraz App- http://www.ehteraz.gov.qa

3. Candidate pickup from airport of destination country

Foreign Principal Representative will receive you at the Airport and take you to your accommodation

Foreign principal will then take you through their induction program and joining formalities.

Report to Duty and start working.

4. Support after Deployment:

Agency will be maintaining a group chat company wise to stay in touch with candidates deployed

Candidates are advised to take up any issued at work with your immediate supervisor first and then to the HR if not resolved.

If no response from your company then you are advised to contact only after that. 

Kindly note that Agency cannot interfere in operations of the employer but however we will try to mediate between the company and candidate what is possible if the problem is genuine fault of the Employer

Grievances if any must be submitted officially to us via email Individually

Group letter will not be entertained

BOW Grievance report to be filled and sent to agency for necessary and possible solution.

Agency will not be responsible for action taken against you on grounds of misconduct and breaking rules of the company policy.

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