1. Candidates leave for destination country

2. Complete Landing Countries formalities on arrival of destination country

For Kuwait -Kuwait Mobile ID and Shlonik App

For Qatar – Etheraz App- http://www.ehteraz.gov.qa

3. Candidate pickup from airport of destination country

Foreign Principal Representative will receive you at the Airport and take you to your accommodation

Foreign principal will then take you through their induction program and joining formalities.

Report to Duty and start working.

4. Support after Deployment:

Agency will be maintaining a group chat company wise to stay in touch with candidates deployed

Candidates are advised to take up any issued at work with your immediate supervisor first and then to the HR if not resolved.

If no response from your company then you are advised to contact only after that. 

Kindly note that Agency cannot interfere in operations of the employer but however we will try to mediate between the company and candidate what is possible if the problem is genuine fault of the Employer

Grievances if any must be submitted officially to us via email Individually

Group letter will not be entertained

BOW Grievance report to be filled and sent to agency for necessary and possible solution.

Agency will not be responsible for action taken against you on grounds of misconduct and breaking rules of the company policy.

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