1. Medical Certificate

  • Follow SOP in Annexure II to get your medical certificate

2. Police Clearance

3. Document Notarization

  • Follow SOP in Annexure IV to get your document notarized

Agency will carry out notarization of all your documents from court.

  • We need authorization letter from candidate to go to court
  • Court notarization Fees: Nu 100 to be paid by candidate
  • Incase candidate does not submit the required documents on time, candidate will have to carry out the process of notarization themselves

4. Visa processing will begin after receiving the following:

  • Signed Agency Undertaking Letter
  • Original Medical Certificate, Police Clearance and Notarized Documents

Agency will then send the scan copy documents to employer for visa processing.

Await Visa from Employer (Waiting time based on the individual countries rules and Regulation)..

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