1. Visit JDWNRH Hospital old section in Thimphu on Mon/Thur/Friday – 4 – 6 pm
  2. Pay Fees  :Nu 550 per person, Then  Go to Chamber # 5
  3. Doctor will advise Xray + Blood tests to be done on the same Day  + Collect sample bottles for Urine + stool test
  4. X ray Report to be collected Same Day
  5. Next Morning Submit Urine + Stool for examination
  6. Collect results after 2 pm from Lab Report Center
  7. Take all results to Chamber 5
  8. Doctor will complete, Sign + Seal Medical Certificate
  9. Get final Hospital seal from Reception Counter
  10. Collect results and submit hard copy to Agency
  11. In the event that your medical exam is not clear as per regulations you will be asked to withdraw your application
  12. Fee will be refunded after deducting Registration fees

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