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Position Applying For:______________________________________

Country Applying For:______________________________________

Personal Details:

Name:Present Address:
Gender:1. Village:
Date of Birth:2. Geog:
Specify Age:3. Dzongkhag:
CID No:Maritial Status:
Passport No:Height:
Job Seeker No:Weight:
Contact No:Name of Parent/Guardian:
E-mail ID:Contact no.Of parent/Guardian:

Academic Qualification:

Name of the school/university/InstituteYear of passingStandard/Course% of mark Obtained

Work Experience:

OrganisationPositionFromTo Reason for change 
Previous Employment
Present Employment


OrganisationPositionContact no.Email ID Relationship with the applicant 

Medical History:

1.Have you ever suffered from any illness or disease and received treatment  
2.Are you in good health and free from phyical and mental disease.  
3. Have you suffered from any illness listed here; HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Blood Pressure, Respiratory and Cardiovascular diseases and TB.  
4. Is there any tattoos engraved in your body  
5. Mention of any existence of sickness or injury currently.  

NOTE: Once you are selected for a particular company you will need to undergo compulsory medical check-up which will fall under the OVERSEAS category.

Declaration: I hereby declare that the information given herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. In the event of detection of false or misleading information, I understand that the BISHT shall withdraw/terminate my application from seeking employment overseas through BISHT; and prosecute in the Court of Law for legal actions. I also undertake to abide by all Rules and Regulations.

Information & documents, as submitted are TRUE & Authentic


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